Gull Wing Hatch System with Molle Panels (ALUMINUM SET - Both Sides)

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yodaTEQ GullWing Hatch System with Molle Panels for the 80 Series FJ80 FzJ80 HDJ81 Land Cruiser / Lexus LX450


Aluminum (right & left both sides)

The yodaTEQ Gull Wing Hatch System with Molle Panels replaces the rear windows of the 80 Series Toyota Land Cruiser FJ80 FzJ80 and Lexus LX450 

Rear Side Auto-Up Windows gives you easy access to your load area via the side of your vehicle that can be locked to protect your valuables.

Two 1-button compression latches activate the gas strut to allow access to your rear cargo area. It's merely Click Click and reach into your fridge for a cold drink on a warm day, a jacket on a cool evening or your extraction bag to help out a fellow off-roader. No more opening the rear hatch, tailgate and 2 swing outs to get your gear.  

The yodaTEQ Gull Wing Hatch System installs utilizing your existing Toyota Factory Rubber Window weatherstrip, aluminum frame and internal run channel. 

 No Drilling or cutting to install

With the addition of the yodaTEQ Molle Panels gives you the ability to add bags and some lightweight gear to maximize the space and be assured to have your important items (First Aid Kit, flashlight, air deflators, tire gauge etc.) at the Ready. Instead of fumbling around when you need them.
Molle Panels on the Gull Wing Hatch System on the Land Cruiser 80 Series FJ80 FzJ80 Lexus LX450

Inside View of the Molle Panel and frame - Adjustable Compression Latches with Rubber bumpers over grip screws at frame's edge trim. yodaTEQ in RED with black acorn nuts for a complete finish.
Molle Panels for the Land Cruiser 80 Series FJ80 FzJ80 Lexus LX450

Complete System w/Molle Panels (Both Driver & Passenger side) includes:
(2) Hatch Doors (ALUMINUM)
(2) Window Frames (ALUMINUM)
(2) Molle Panels (ALUMINUM)
(2) Color Plate for yodaTEQ Molle Panel (ALUMINUM)
(16) Black Acorn Nuts
(16) Welded Studs
(2) yodaTEQ Name Plate (Brushed Stainless Steel)
(4) Gas Strut Brackets (ALUMINUM)
(6) Stainless Steel Hinges
(2) Gas Struts (hardware included)
(2) Weather Resistant Vinyl Edge Grip Seals for Doors
(2) Edge Trim with metal core for Frames
(4) Lockable Compression Latches with grip screws (4 keys)
(4) Flange Gasket for Compression Latches
(4) Rubber Bumpers placed on the heads of the grip screws on compression latches

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*THIS IS FOR A PRE-SALE for the next batch of Gull Wings that I will build

The Pre-sale is open until February 7th 2020

After that date, there is a 6-8 week lead time. 
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